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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/27

Can you believe that the first college football game of the season is tomorrow night? Somebody pinch us! We're only days away from Ian Johnson, Bob Behler, Kellen Moore, and nirvana. That should make the rest of the week go by fast.

Here are today's links:

Bold non-BCS predictions [In the Bleachers]
Bolder than usual, too. We especially like No. 2.

Idaho State players with local ties [Statesman]
Offensive lineman Mitch Rudder gets his 15 minutes of Chadd Cripe fame.

The Statesman scouts Idaho State [Statesman]
Like yesterday when we scouted Idaho State except with more respect.

Graham Watson's non-BCS preseason team []

Julian Hawkins is fearless [Press-Tribune]
Going over the middle is no easy job, unlike whatever Brock Jaramillo does.

Dustin Lapray on Joe Bozikovich [BSU Blog]
Lapray loves him some defensive linemen.

Gambling person high on LaTech [Doc's]
Also high on scratch tickets.

Oregon sports network to air BSU-OU game [Oregon Live]
Bronco cable subscribers in the Portland area rejoice!

U of I sportswriter weighs in on WAC [Argonaut]
He believes NMSU and Idaho will be better than expected...only because expectations are so low.

Robb Akey does not believe in redshirts [Statesman]
Idaho will play 12 true freshmen this season, probably out of necessity.