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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/26

We were sad to hear about the departure of Nick Lomax to greener and less competitive pastures, but we wish him luck. Sounds like he'll sit out this season and play again next fall.

Now it's time to start focusing on the Idaho State game on Saturday. We'll have some features on the Bengals coming up later today and the rest of this week, and we'll be unveiling an OBNUG first later today. Sorry for the purposeful vagueness, but we think you'll appreciate it.

Here are today's links:

Stupid computer picks Broncos to lose to Fresno State [What If Sports]
The Terminator computer would have never let this happen.

Nothing wrong with Derrell Acrey, says Coach Pete [BSU Blog]
"It's just a depth chart for an Idaho State game," he added.

Dave Southorn's notes from Coach Pete's press conference [Press-Tribune]
God bless Southorn's shorthand.

WRs Michael Choate and Tyler Shoemaker put on scholarship [Dave's Blog]
Just what the Broncos need...more wide receivers.

Toshi Franklin and Keith McGowen suspended for ISU game [Statesman]
Timing is everything in this case. They picked a good week.

Offensive line not talking to media again [Statesman]
Don't really have anything interesting to say.

Boise State players to watch [Statesman]
Jeremy Childs was suspended from this list.

Graham Watson strikes again []
Her QB power rankings are strange. At least she didn't do the RBs? Oh wait. She did.

The Herbie Awards []
Now with more BCS bias! Seriously, would it have killed him to include Boise State?

Kaepernick to start for Nevada []
Nevada's team passer rating mourns.

Hawaii's Brent Rausch might not start after all [Warriors Will Throw]
New starting QB is ailing, which is probably what Hawaii will be once Florida is done with them.