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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/25

Here we are, Bronco fans. Six days away from the start of the college football season. Yes!

With the Idaho State game so close you can touch it (touching will actually commence on Saturday at 6:00pm at Bronco Stadium), we start turning our attention to previews, predictions, polls, and perspective. Actually, forget that last one.

We'll have reaction to the Boise State depth chart, the Bush Hamdan apologetics tour, and Dustin Lapray losing his objectivity later in the day. For now, here are your morning links:

The Statesman previews Broncos' season [Statesman]
Succeeds in pointing out all sorts of problem areas and dwelling on pessimism.

QB Taylor Bennett to start for LaTech [News Star]
Start losing games, probably.

Boise State storylines to watch [Statesman]
Not sure how we are supposed to watch the storyline of the Stueckle Sky Club.

Michigan journalist ranks Broncos #19 [Grand Rapids Press]
Get this man a Pulitzer!

Video proof that Orlando Scandrick still has it [Fight Fight BSU]
And "it" looks awfully painful.

Picking Week One winners [College Football Wizard]
Boise State will not cover against Idaho State. Yeah right.

Last Kellen Moore story, we promise [Press-Tribune]
The Press-Tribune honors the future of the program.

OK, we lied. Here's one more [Arbiter Online]
We couldn't help ourselves.

Vandals get early verbal [ISZ]
Recruit's mustache fetish seals the deal.

Oregon's starting quarterback injured []
Our game prediction goes from baselessly hopeful to just plain hopeful.