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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/21

Was it just us or did the air feel a little lighter this morning? There is plenty of news below about Kellen Moore, and we'll have some more thoughts on the whole situation today. Overloaded yet? We're just getting started.

Few people saw this one coming [Fight Fight BSU]
Least of all Bush Hamdan probably.

Interesting Hamdan quote from Murphy [Murph's Turf]
Did Bush see the writing on the wall? Or, more likely, the writing in his Centrum Silver?

KTVB video of press conference []
It made for quite the evening at home with the wife

Kellen Moore jerseys on sale [Statesman]
We'll make the youth size fit if we have to

Obligatory Statesman fluff piece on Moore [Statesman]
Yet this time we don't seem to mind

Yakima Herald scoops Moore interview [Yakima Herald]
"We don't have time to get into what other people are saying" and other gems

KBOI skimps on Moore coverage [KBOI]
They are taking this KIDO Bronco thing tougher than we thought

Seattle Post-Intelligencer happy to run Moore story [Seattle P-I]
The Washington Huskies simply aren't doing it for them

College football helmet quiz [USU Aggies]
We don't mean to brag, but we do mean to point out our perfect score.

Feature story on D.J. Harper [Arbiter Online]
We can interrupt our Kellen Moore joy to give D.J. Harper some love.

Chadd Cripe moonlighting for Lindy's [Scripps]
No wonder the blog posting has been so hit-or-miss

Pete Cavender, the world's toughest insurance agent [Statesman]
Yes, we'll take the extended coverage even though we're not sure why it's important to us

LaTech gets Navy next season [Shreveport Times]
Derek Dooley sure knows how to get a fan base excited