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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/19

The Broncos are down to one practice per day from here on out, which should greatly affect the Statesman's blog posting schedule. Our blog posting schedule? Still incessant.

Statesman's camp report: seniors treated like kings [Statesman]
No one's ever carried us out of work on a Friday.

Sunday Morning QB moves to Yahoo! [Dr. Saturday]
Chalk up another point for amateur bloggers getting rich.

Idaho State to be excited up until kickoff [ISZ]
Tailgating prior to the Bronco game will be the highlight of the day.

"Vandal offense hard to defend" [Times-News]
To be filed under "Misleading headlines."

BSU mentioned in self-help book []
Graham Watson does love her anecdotal storylines.

Nevada defense wins second scrimmage, too [PWtW]
What is going on down in Reno?

More MWC expansion talk [Fanblogs]
It's like the new "green" movement. BYU-huggers unite!

The inner workings of the AP poll [OregonLive]
Further proof that bloggers need their say.

Freshman depth at TE for Broncos [Statesman]
Slightly better than no depth.

Football players have summer vacations, too [Press-Tribune]
Except it doesn't sound like theirs involve touring the wax museum in Vancouver.