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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/18

Happy Monday, Bronco fans. What makes it happy, you ask? Well besides the fact that the offense didn't lay an egg in the scrimmage, there is a new OBNUG website to play around with. Who wouldn't love that?!

Here are today's links:

Scrimmage recaps:
Fight Fight BSU
Bronco Beat
Dave's Blog
Brian Murphy
Dustin Lapray

Video from of second scrimmage []
If you watch closely, you can see the potential being met.

What a difference a week makes [Press-Tribune]
Last week, the quarterback position was doomed. This week, the quarterback position is Idaho's greatest treasure.

D-line feature [Press-Tribune]
Ryan Wintersyk and Mike T. Williams. What more do you need to say?

Throwing more weight on the offensive line's shoulders [Statesman]
We've heard expectations add at least 15 pounds.

Brotzman's 58-yard field goal [Statesman]
Kind of like Paul Bunyan's ax, right?

Stueckle Sky Club is still pretty great [Statesman]
Provided you're rich or know the right people.

Faraji Wright getting some love [Statesman]
Looked good in the scrimmage. And by "good," we mean "big."