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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/15

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The Broncos had an afternoon/evening practice last night, and Dustin Lapray has some details on what went down. Specifically, he points out that Travis Stanaway and Daron Mackey are two newcomers who are getting Coach Pete's attention and that Bush Hamdan should win the starting quarterback job. Sigh. We thought you were different, Dustin.

Here is some more reading material for your day.

Camp notes from the IPT [Press-Tribune]

Two sentences is better than no sentences.

Coach Pete immortalized in Twin Falls newspaper [Times-News]

We would run through a brick wall for him, and we don't even know him.

Tickets still available for home games [Dave's Blog]

The LaTech is not all that popular. Imagine that.

Reggie Larry to start career in Cyprus []

Good luck in South America...or Europe..or wherever Cyprus is.

Cal Poly could possibly join the WAC [KVNU]

They would immediately be the seventh-best team.

Nick Saban named most powerful coach in sports [Forbes]

USU's Brent Guy named weakest?

Season tickets arrive [Fight Fight BSU]

No wonder the line was so long at Dairy Queen last night. Celebrate!

Odds of winning at Oregon [What If Sports]

Computers say Broncos have 41% chance. Kellen Moore's left arm says otherwise.

Aaron Tevis playing time update [Statesman]

May get to rush the passer in special packages. Fine by us.

Linebackers in focus [Statesman]

Broncos focus on finishing [Press-Tribune]

Chris Carr turning heads in Tennessee [Tennessean]