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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/14

Woodruff named camper of the day [BroncoSports]
Take that, defensive line!

Recap of evening practice [BSU blog]

It's almost as if you were there.

Sean Bingham and the D-line [Statesman]
The Statesman's position-by-position preview begins.

Jamar Taylor spotlight [Statesman]
Happy to be in Boise so he won't "get in trouble."

Bart Hendricks asks the obvious [ISZ]
O-line should be focus of debate, not quarterback.

It's not easy being a walk-on [Press-Tribune]
Scholarships get the chicks.

Nevada to face BYU in 2010 []
Oh yeah? Well, Boise State plays Toledo, so there.

Hitting QBs in practice sounds like a bad idea []
GaTech QB Josh Nesbitt agrees.

Hawaii QB decision looming [Star Bulletin]
As is the potential for a five-win season.