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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/13

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No practice yesterday? Coach Pete must be getting soft. The Broncos will return to the field today in preparation for their final public scrimmage on Saturday (7:00pm at Bronco Stadium) and we'll bring you the recap later. Let's hope it involves quarterback separation.

BSU individual game tickets on sale tomorrow []

Blowouts guaranteed or your money back.

Derrell Acrey feature story [Times-News]

Twin Falls media expects big things.

WAC travel costs are mounting [Statesman]

As is discrepancy between top teams and bottom teams.

Nevada QB enjoys horses a little too much []

We did not see this story coming.

Sky club photos [Statesman]

Furniture brought to you by Target sale rack.

Enderle eats up Idaho defense in scrimmage []

Mmm, second-rate defensive backs.

CBS Sportline writer confesses Fresno love [CBS Sportsline]

Also, feel free not to let past precedent get in the way of your predictions.

Seattle Bowl? No thanks. We're good. [Seattle Times]

Sounds like an excuse to get the Washington Huskies into a bowl.

The official website of Colt Brennan []

Feel free to check out the Colt forum. Or don't.