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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/12

There is plenty to talk about regarding the first scrimmage of the fall, and before we get into our take on things, let's hear what the Internets have to say. Aren't we gracious?

Fall scrimmage reports

Hop on the D.J. Harper bandwagon [Statesman]

We're already on it, but thanks anyway for the invitation.

The O-line has some work to do [Press-Tribune]

Rushing for 2.3 yards is far too San Jose State-ish.

von Oelhoffen released by Eagles [Statesman]

Carson Palmer's knee laughs an evil laugh.

Boise State best team of last decade [FOX Sports]

We'll take it even if it's only FOX Sports who's giving it.

Injuries strike Vandal line [Statesman]

Good thing they have depth. Oh wait. Never mind.

Week One predictions [What If Sports]

Boise State should be safe.