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Idaho State will be content to cover

When the Idaho State Bengals roll into town on Saturday, they will have victory on their minds -- moral victory.

The thought of hanging with the Broncos for four quarters is little more than a pipe dream for the Bengals, which is why expectations have been lowered, standards have been dropped, and ISU will be happy to get out of Boise without losing by six touchdowns.

Losing by any less than six TDs would be a win in the Bengals' book.

As game day draws nearer, it appears that Idaho State has resigned itself to merely trying to cover the spread, which as of today stood at 43 points. The ISU media has similarly tepid hopes. A 30-point loss might cause rioting in the streets of Pocatello. Better board up the Hardee's!

It was announced last week that the Broncos will start a freshman at quarterback for the first time. This is excellent news for Idaho State. Not quite excellent enough for the Bengals to expect a win, but more than excellent enough to expect to cover the spread.

I am anticipating a 30-point win by Boise State. The final score will be something like 43-14.
The Bengal players must surely appreciate the vote of confidence.

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