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Idaho preview: lose less frequently

Previewing the WAC seems like a good job for an intern. Unfortunately, we do not have an intern. Ugh. Previously: Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, LaTech, San Jose State, Utah State, NMSU. Today: Idaho.


Team motto: "Fear the mustache"

The Idaho Vandals have more going for them than ever before, which is still significantly less than what most other teams have going. Check it out:

  • Veteran quarterback. "Veteran" might be the nicest thing that we have ever called Nathan Enderle.

  • Deonte Jackson. The sophomore tailback is good, relative to the players around him.

  • Returning coaching staff. Head coach Robb Akey not getting fired was a win for mustaches everywhere but not exactly a win for a program wishing to go places. Still, Tom Selleck would be proud.

Five questions

Will the Vandals' continuity translate into wins?
One could argue that continuity for the Vandals would be a bad thing. That one person would be us.

Returning players from a team that went 1-11 last season does not sound like a good idea. The Vandals need playmakers and depth and a schedule with more Division I-AA teams. But at least they'll know each other's names.

What should we expect from the annual Boise State-Idaho game?
Carnage. Oh, and a lame halftime show.

Please explain how Nathan Enderle earned the starting job.
Last year, Enderle threw 18 interceptions and completed 44 percent of his throws, which is good enough in Moscow to seal the starting job, to get as many girls' phone numbers as you want, and to warrant consideration for the Vandal Hall of Fame (population: John Friesz). Considering his competition was a guy named "Quin," we understand that the coaching staff had no other choice.

Will the Vandals actually miss David Vobora?
Vobora was the Vandals' best defensive player last season, so his absence at the linebacker spot will leave a big hole...not to be confused with the big hole on the defensive line and the secondary. The Vandals' defensive leader this season should be S Shiloh Keo, who is better know for golfing at the WAC media convention sans shirt than he is playing fundamentally sound football.

May I contact Robb Akey through your site?
Of course! Click on the "Contact" tab at the top of the page and select "Robb Akey" from the drop-down list. He would love to know what you think of his mustache and his coaching that order. Also, you may send Just for Men coupons.


+/-5 new ways the Vandals find to lose
+/-34 interceptions thrown by Nathan Enderle this season
+/-33 times Robb Akey looks over at back up QB Quin Ashley sitting on the bench, thinks for a second, then shakes his head and mutters "Nah."

It's time for some honesty: we think the Vandals could actually win a few games this year.

What the Vandals lack in talent and coaching, they make up for by playing easy teams and being part of the WAC. When you're talking about the difference between one win and three wins, you're really only talking about being better than Utah State and New Mexico State. That's not saying much.

Deonte Jackson, if healthy, could carry the offense to some big yardage days. The defense could cobble together some decent outings. And before you know it, Idaho could put together multiple wins for the first time in the Akey era. We're not saying we hope it happens. We're just trying to be prepared.

OK, honesty's over. Back to the status quo. Random mustache!

Perfect situation

Vandals win two non-conference games, Enderle doesn't suck as much as we might think, Robb Akey's mustache takes over the playcalling duties, Deonte Jackson plays every game, the bottom of the WAC gets worse while the Vandals remain the same


Enderle does suck as much as we think, the Vandals lose games they should win, Akey uses the word "family" in ten straight press conferences, Deonte Jackson transfers during a game, Idaho holds on against bad WAC teams, counts season as a victory

Final record: 4-8 overall, 3-5 conference