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"I feel so alive:" and other Kellen Moore responses

For as long as we live, we will remember where we were when the news broke about Kellen Moore being named Boise State's starting quarterback: eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in our office and wondering (possibly out loud) what Jim and Pam's baby would look like.

Now we can never look at a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the same way again lest we well up with emotion over the recollection of one of the happiest days of our lives. FYI: we are having PB&J tomorrow and every day after that.

Where were you when you heard the news about Moore? We can only imagine that Bob Behler was in the Boise State library researching Idaho Spud bars, Jared Zabransky was stroking one of his thousands of copies of NCAA Football 07, and Jeff Caves was at home in his hyperbaric chamber "taking a few years off." Did anyone let out an audible scream of happiness? A giggle? A double fist-pump?

We could certainly understand if you did. As for us, we did a double-take at the computer monitor, scurried to check our sources (yes, Google Reader is a source), then let out the greatest sigh we have sighed since our school loosened its rules on chapel dress code. The next 15 minutes were filled with frantic posting, frantic instant messaging, and a victory lap around our desk.

And to be honest, we're still buzzed. Kellen Moore being named the starting quarterback is exactly what we wanted, and it was exactly what Bronco Nation had wanted. For the longest time we had tried to fight the desire to openly root for Moore because we knew that there were three other capable quarterbacks on the roster. Most everyone else we knew had already sold out for Moore, and their fervor was incredible. Moore was the clear-cut fan favorite from the moment the first spring scrimmage was in the books. Five months later, everyone's dreams have come true.

That's really what it feels like, right? A dream come true? At least for those of us who wanted Kellen Moore it does. For the rest of the Bronco fans, their reaction will be decidedly mixed. Here are the range of emotions that we came up with for all the different opinions in Bronco Nation.

  • "I feel so alive"
    We said these exact words to someone today, and strangely enough, they understood exactly what we meant.

  • "Four Moore years"
    This is the reaction of Normally, we would make fun of a headline like this, but we're in too good of a mood for sarcasm.

  • /Ambivalent
    Some members of Bronco Nation simply wanted an answer. These are the people who do not stand to cheer at home games.

  • "Bush Hamdan deserved better"
    This contingent had grown quite large in recent days. The senior quarterback has had a tough luck career filled with bad timing. Plus, it didn't help that he couldn't walk on water like Moore.

  • "Which one was he again?"
    You'll hear this response more than you wish.

  • "Who cares?"
    A future Boise Weekly headline.

Feel free to share your feelings or experiences in the comments section or by email. Exclamation marks are encouraged.