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Hay hay! Buster Bronco is one popular equine

Boise State mascot Buster Bronco has been chosen as a finalist for the Capital One mascot competition. He's pictured above with his new, less scary head (to the right of the Louisville cardinal and directly above whatever that thing is sitting in the corner), and he looks stoked!

Here's a snippet from the official Boise State press release:

Capital One announces Buster Bronco makes seventh annual 2008 All-America Mascot team. Buster Bronco prepares to cheer, climb and cook its way to the pinnacle of mascot fame and fortune. Boise State athletics is very proud to have Buster in this competition. He will need all the support he can get from the Treasure Valley!

OK, a couple of things. First, is Buster Bronco an "it" or a "he"? We didn't know that our beloved mascot's gender was in question. Who's the politically correct marketing genius using gender-neutral terms!? Parents, good luck explaining that one to your kids. Second, What is that all about? Let's hope this is not a gimmick for the next season of Top Chef.

Voting for the competition gets underway on September 8th. Let's hope this goes better than the Wii mascot cover competition did.

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