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Kellen Moore named Broncos starting QB

It's official: Kellen Moore is the Broncos' new quarterback, God answers prayers, and the future of Bronco football is in good hands.

Coach Pete named Moore the starter today over senior Bush Hamdan in what was an extremely close race throughout spring practice and fall camp. Hamdan will be the backup again after losing the starting job to Taylor Tharp last season.

"I’m just pretty fortunate to be in the situation I am in," Moore said. "Coach Petersen and Coach Harsin obviously think I am capable of doing it. I’m just excited at the opportunity."

You're not the only one who's excited. Bronco Nation will be having the party to end all parties after this announcement. After seeing what happens when senior quarterbacks take the reigns, Bronco fans were clamoring for a multi-year starter at QB so that we did not have to endure more quarterback competitions year after year.
"Kellen has just got great football savvy" Petersen said. "He understands our offense extremely, extremely well and he has performed very consistently throughout spring ball and fall camp."

Being a freshman might have been what put Moore over the top. With Hamdan and Moore neck-and-neck throughout most of camp, the deciding factor could have very easily been the fact that Moore will be around for four years and Hamdan will not.

We're way too excited right now. Hello half day of work!


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