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Boise State vs. Idaho State open comment thread

The Boise State football season is finally here! What a relief.

After months of patient waiting and mindless thumb twiddling, we have our Broncos back, and even though many view the Idaho State game as nothing more than a glorified scrimmage, there will still be plenty to talk about.

That's what this post is for. If you're watching the game at home and you have a computer nearby, please use this space to vent, rejoice, and second guess all evening long. We'll try to check in as often as we can, probably in between bouts of high-fives and fist pumps. We expect lots and lots of fist pumps.

Share your feelings on Mark Johnson. Point out bad clock management by the Idaho State coaching staff. Wonder aloud about the offensive line's cohesion. This space is yours, OBNUG readers, so make yourselves at home.

Go Broncos!