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Game prediction: Boise State 45, Idaho State 13

With much excitement and giddiness, we make our first game prediction of the year...and we do so timidly. A 45-13 Bronco win would probably be the best that Idaho State could hope for, and a 45-13 Bronco win would probably send David Augusto into nervous fits of worry. "A 32-point win over a Division I-AA school?! This would have never happened if my best friend Dan Hawkins were still coaching here!"

So let us explain.

We can envision the offense starting slow before finding its groove. We can see Idaho State coming out fired up and actually forcing a punt in the first quarter. We can also see the Bronco coaching staff taking naps on the sideline and forgetting to call anything other than QB Sneak Left. Will all these things happen? Probably not. But we learned at an early age to set your standards low and then be pleasantly surprised when they are exceeded.

As such, Boise State 45, Idaho State 13.

Other predictions for Saturday's game:

  • Kellen Moore's first touchdown pass as a Bronco.

  • Three or more turnovers by the Boise State defense.

  • Appearances at quarterback by Bush Hamdan, Mike Coughlin, Vinny Perretta, Jeremy Avery, and maybe Taylor Tharp.

  • Bob Behler butchering someone's name. Probably Steven Reveles.

  • Boise State scoring on special teams...via blocked kick!

  • Jeron Johnson getting flagged for unnecessary roughness.

  • Doug Martin scoring a touchdown on a goalline package.

  • The no-huddle offense.

  • Brad Elkin not needing a shower after the game is over.