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Exciting newcomers, fall camp subplots, and the return of Boise State football

Boise State football is back. High five!

The Broncos take the field for the start of fall camp on Monday, and not a moment too soon. The offseason has been a difficult one, considering the way that last season ended for BSU. Two losses in a row is quite a different pill to swallow than a Fiesta Bowl win. But we swallowed it nevertheless, washing down the sucker with a tasty brew of early commits and media love. Mmmm, media love.

Now we can start over-evaluating players again. Woohoo! Here are the newcomers who will be in camp on Monday, listed in order of how stoked we are to see them.

  1. LB Daron Mackey. Juco transfers are our weakness.

  2. LB Byron Hout. The Hout era begins in earnest.

  3. OT Tom Swanson. The biggest incoming lineman. Might eat Chris Potter.

  4. WR Chris Potter. Fast, which should prevent Tom Swanson from eating him.

  5. S Tyler Jackson. Young safeties out the wazzoo.

But of course, what would a Division I-A offseason be without drama. It would be a Division I-AA offseason probably. With the Broncos becoming more and more of a big deal every year, they have more and more questions to answer heading into the season. Here are some the most intriguing subplots to watch for when fall camp kicks off on Monday.

  • Who will be starting quarterback?

  • Will the offensive linemen be any bigger or any more experienced?

  • What's the deal with that "Q" formation?

  • Will playing in the shade of the Mothership make the Broncos complacent?

  • Can Bob Behler pick Tanyon Bissell out of a crowd?

  • Is Ryan Winterswyk human?

  • How soon can we talk about Doug Martin again?

  • Ian Johnson: overrated or not rated enough?

  • Will bloggers receive press credentials?

Naturally, all these issues will sort themselves out by the time Idaho State comes to town on August 30. And if they don't, at least it's only Idaho State.

But for now, football is back. Life is complete. And the world is right again.