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Dustin Lapray's highly unlikely BSU prediction

When he's not penning scrimmage odes or riding his bike around downtown Boise, Magic Valley News-Times columnist Dustin Lapray apparently loves to make insanely optimistic predictions about the upcoming Boise State season.

On Sunday, Lapray took a stab at guessing the outcome of every single game on the Broncos calendar. And he did so with impossibly excessive detail.

Fresno State at Boise State

The Broncos are in command in the race for the WAC as Fresno State already has a loss at Louisiana Tech. Bulldog receiver Bear Pascoe has a huge game, leaping over the smaller Bronco linebackers. The senior catches six balls and two touchdowns. In the end, it's Travis Stanaway, a backup defensive back, who's only on the field because Jeron Johnson has an equipment failure. He picks up a fumble and returns it for the winning score. BSU wins the WAC and the game.
It only gets more outlandish from there.

At 11-1 with close wins over Southern Miss, LaTech, San Jose State, and Nevada, Lapray sees the Broncos breaking into the BCS and playing in the Rose Bowl. Good heavens, man! Not even we could have envisioned that happening!

But he's not done yet. He has Boise State playing Oregon, Kyle Brotzman kicking the game-winning 53 yard field goal, and a one-play, 85-yard TD cameo from Bush Hamdan. We give up.

Seven strange twists of fate lock these two teams back into each other's worlds. The Ducks' only loss came at USC (the Trojans play for the BCS title). The game starts slow, as each team is prepared with adjustments from the first meeting. A fearless Boise State team continues to take shots downfield. Bush Hamdan finds his way in for one play (an 85-yard scored to Titus Young). It comes down to a field goal, 53 yards by Kyle Brotzman and the Broncos win.

For an encore, we hear his next article will predict the outcome of every single play from Saturday's game against Idaho State. "D.J. Harper rushes for two yards." "Vinny Perretta catches a five-yard curl route." "Punt."

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