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Clady's first game as a pro does not please Woody Paige

In NFL preseason games over the weekend, several former Boise State players saw action, much to Woody Paige's chagrin.

First round pick Ryan Clady had a harsh introduction to the NFL against the Mario Williams and the Houston Texans. From the Denver Post (via Scott Slant), here is Woody Paige's take on Clady's performance. Note: we do not place much credence in anything Woody Paige has ever said.

"Ryan Clady, the No. 1 pick, became the first Broncos' rookie to start the opening exhibition at left tackle, and he looked every bit of it. Clady played the entire first half and was flattened like a dry-cleaned starched shirt in the beginning, and often. He was overmatched against Texans defensive end Mario Williams (the former No. 1 pick overall). He will need help." 
Well, we're sure Boise State would take him back if that would help matters any.

The Post's game recap was a little more balanced in its perspective of the Clady/Williams matchup, which probably just goes to show that Woody Paige does not know how to objectively watch football.

Left tackle Ryan Clady got a rookie baptism from the Texans' star defensive end, Mario Williams. There were times when Williams knocked Clady back into his own backfield, but the Broncos' first-round draft choice did compete and gave Cutler time to throw on the touchdown drive.
Fortunately, other Boise State alumni had better luck than Clady, especially Orlando Scandrick and Jeb Putzier. Scandrick had three tackles, one sack, and two kickoff returns in a Cowboys loss. Putzier caught a 15-yard touchdown pass from Seneca Wallace in a Seahawks win.

Tonight, ESPN will have Korey Hall, Daryn Colledge, and the Packers...oh, and enough Brett Favre news to choke a horse. Let's hope the scrimmage runs long.