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Clady strong, Scandrick fast in Madden 09

The latest version of Madden was released on Tuesday, much to the dismay of our social calendar. Seriously, between Boise State football and video games, we're booked for the next few months.

While each year brings new features to the game (Cris Collinsworth, anyone?), the updated rosters get people talking just as much as anything else. An 85 overall rating for Matt Leinart? Please. At least it appears that the Madden folks have the numbers right for Boise State's two newest NFL stars.

Ryan Clady

  • Overall: 79

  • Morale: 95

  • Acceleration: 85

  • Strength: 87

  • Runblock: 80

  • Passblock: 88

Orlando Scandrick

  • Overall: 73

  • Speed: 97

  • Acceleration: 97

  • Awareness: 42

  • Man coverage: 79

  • Zone coverage: 78

Madden lists Clady's catching ability as a 45. They must not have seen the Idaho game.

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