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[UPDATE] Camp notes: you can't stop Vinny P.

UPDATE 2:45pm: Chadd Cripe and Dustin Lapray have filed their reports. Cripe offers some insight into the practice schedule from here on out, and Lapray just loses us entirely.

Vinny Perretta: run to daylight

Vinny Perretta is the man...more so than maybe any other man that we know.

The big-play senior had another big play in today's morning practice, scoring on a reverse option something-or-other. Dave Southorn lets your imagination run wild with the details.

Vinny Perretta had a long touchdown run on an end-around as Tanyon Bissell pitched to him running the opposite way on an option - a very neat play.

We imagine that things unfolded kind of like one of those Friday Night Lights plays complete with giant blocks, improbable missed tackles, and Coach Pete waving Perretta toward the end zone with his clipboard, running stride-for-stride with him down the sideline. As usual, we wish we were there.

Today is the last of Boise State's two-a-days, which we're sure the Bronco cleaning crew is happy about. We'll update this post as necessary throughout the afternoon.