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Camp notes: the beat goes on, except more left-handed

The Broncos practiced this morning with Kellen Moore at starting quarterback for the first time. We'll let Dave Southorn tell you how things went since he's much more composed than we are.

On both of the long passes he attempted against the defense, both were completed, with Austin Pettis making a nice grab on a 50-yard hurl, while Moore threw a dead-on pass to Titus Young streaking up the sideline on a 40-yard pass that would’ve gone for a 90-yard score.

Sounds good to us!

One interesting note from camp was that true freshman CB Raphiel Lambert had a nice play on an interception. Lambert was a stud high school running back who seems to be making a smooth transition to the defensive backfield. We imagine he will see little playing time if any this season, but he may be a good one to watch down the road.

The Broncos will mark the end of fall camp with a closed scrimmage tomorrow night. No fans, no media, no knee-jerk overreactions. What's the fun in that? Then next week, preparations for the Idaho State game begin...and by "preparations" we mean "naps and Guitar Hero."