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Camp notes: on with the pads, on with the fatigue

Fighting shoulder pads, heat, and the obvious emotional weight of not knowing enough facts about Jeremy Childs' suspension, the Boise State players are starting to look a little tired. The report from Wednesday's morning session was full of phrases like "wore down" and "take its toll." Just writing about it makes us want a PowerAde (purple flavor, of course).

Fortunately, the Broncos overcame the heavy legs to put in some good work in the morning session. Paint us a picture, Chadd Cripe.

The leading candidate for play of the day so far came from senior defensive end Mike T. Williams, who mauled freshman quarterback Kellen Moore from behind, knocked the ball loose and pounced on the fumble. It was a lineman's hat trick — sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery. In all, the defense recovered three fumbles in the practice.
Paint us a more vivid picture, Dave Southorn.

Some good plays were made, most notably when senior defensive end Mike T. Williams pretty much enveloped Kellen Moore from behind, popping the ball loose and recovering the fumble.
Quick! One of you tell us an amusing anecdote about George Iloka!

He is one of those unique personalities, sporting one of those late 80's flattops. He and Derrell Acrey did a handshake in the hallway at the Varsity Center like the one in the Kid 'n' Play movie "House Party."
Brian Murphy, what do you got?

Boise State junior quarterback Nick Lomax offered his thoughts on the QB derby Wednesday...
Eh, don't care.

Sounds like another good day at the office for the Broncos. The line played well in a blocking drill, and Jeremy Avery was running hard again. Does someone need to tell him that Ian Johnson is untouchable?

We'll update this post as we see fit throughout the afternoon.