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Bush Hamdan meets media, was not crying

If Bush Hamdan were in our immediate friend circle, we would have had him over for dinner last week, played some Mario Tennis on the Gamecube, and drove around downtown Boise singing along to Lite 108 to take his mind off the quarterback situation. This is probably why Bush Hamdan is not in our friend circle.

Regardless, Hamdan had to be hurting when the coaching staff picked freshman Kellen Moore over him. And sure enough, the news was not easy to take. Hamdan made himself available for interviews on Saturday, and he revealed that losing out on the starting quarterback position at Boise State does, in fact, bite the big one.

The interview is available on Try to watch it without thinking of the following video:

Don't worry, Bush. The local media is here to help.

Brian Murphy was first on the scene. And he brought some emotional fragments along for salve.

That doesn’t mean Hamdan isn’t hurting. Hurting from having to call his family and tell them not to book those flights for the season opener. Hurting from seeing how people at the bank and the grocery store looked at him, trying to glean some sense of emotion. Hurting from having worked so hard and not reached his goals.

This pain of being so close will never be gone. It will dull and, perhaps if Hamdan is lucky, provide an inspiration somewhere later in life. Maybe it will give him the extra motivation to win another of life’s never-ending battles.
There. Wounds healed.

We really do feel for Hamdan. He was our favorite in the quarterback competition last season, and we thought he had all the tools necessary to be a great Bronco starter. Truly, he still does, and he might be needed if something should happen to Kellen Moore (God forbid!). Bronco fans can at least rest assured that Hamdan is a team player first and foremost, and that he will be supportive of Moore to the bitter end.

Looks like he has more in common with us than we thought.