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Boise State starters named for opener

The Broncos released the depth chart for the season opener against Idaho State on Saturday (6:00pm, Bronco Stadium, bring a magazine), giving Bronco fans something to chew on and Derrell Acrey something to journal.

Acrey's Bronco career took another strange turn when he was listed as the second-team middle linebacker for Saturday's game. Freshman Aaron Tevis made the starting lineup along with Kyle Gingg and Tim Brady.

Bronco fans could take the news a couple different ways.

  1. This depth chart means everything. There is something wrong with Derrell Acrey.

  2. This depth chart means nothing. It's only Idaho State.

We definitely fall in the latter camp. The game will be over after the first quarter, so the back-ups will see the field plenty. If Acrey hasn't cracked the starting lineup by the time the Bowling Green game rolls around, then we can start panicking.

Although we don't place much credence in this depth chart release, we do enjoy making some surface-level observations about some of the more interesting aspects. Here is what we noticed:

  • No Marty Tadman. Reality is finally starting to sink in.

  • Triple co-backup running backs. After Ian Johnson, the group of D.J. Harper, Jeremy Avery, and Doug Martin are listed as equals. Equally awesome!

  • No special distinction for Bush Hamdan. The hard-luck senior doesn't even have the backup job to himself. Mike Coughlin shares the responsibility.

  • Starting offensive line is chosen sans attention. If everyone feels the O-line is the key to the Bronco season, we wonder why so few are making a big deal out of who will be starting. Here's the group: LT Matt Slater, LG Andrew Woodruff, C Thomas Byrd, RG John Gott, RT Kevin Sapien.

  • Who will catch Kellen Moore's first pass? Vinny Perretta and Titus Young will be the starting wideouts with Julian Hawkins in the slot. Jeremy Childs will be locked in study hall with a mechanical pencil, an essay book, and the Clif's Notes for Taming of the Shrew.

  • George Iloka makes the roster. Everyone's favorite freshman is listed as the backup to Jeron Johnson. See kids? Finishing high school with the rest of your classmates is so overrated.

Download the depth chart in its entirety by clicking here.