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Boise State drops iron curtain on final scrimmage

Who knows what will happen tonight when the Broncos scrimmage for the last time of fall camp. Chadd Cripe won't know. Dave Southorn won't know. OBNUG won't know (although we will make stuff up). The Broncos closed the scrimmage to fans, media, and a heartbroken David Augusto in order to focus on ironing out details before the season kicks off next week.

Fine by us. We saw all we needed to see in last weekend's scrimmage, and after sweating through our cargo shorts in the heat, we are happy to sit this one out.

Still, though, we are curious what exactly the Broncos plan on doing behind closed doors. Will they be cloning Marty Tadman?

Actually, they'll probably be working on some top secret plays and sets for the first game of the season (don't flatter yourself, Idaho State), and they don't want anyone leaking their goods. Hope we're not letting the cat out of the proverbial bag with this list of possibilities:

  • John Gott reverse

  • The Orlando Scandrick Memorial Shirtless Cover 2

  • Four-quarterback shotgun

  • The Wishbone

  • Statue Right

  • The Colin Kaepernick 1-5-5 defense

  • Center sneak

  • The winning play from Varsity Blues

  • The Air Raid offense

Although seriously, even if the other team knew the John Gott reverse was coming, they aren't going to be able to stop it.