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Bigger, better local blogger poll revealed

Fed up with the random, uneducated polls that the national media churns out every week, we decided to take matters into our penning a furious personal letter to Myles Brand. When that didn't work, we decided to start our own poll.

Behold, the Bronco Blogger Top 26 Poll presented by OBNUG and featuring Bronco bloggers, non-Bronco bloggers, and Bronco non-bloggers. We'll call it the Top 26 Poll for short.

We've invited some of the smartest people we know to take part in our little experiment to see if a bunch of fervent college football fans really do know more than the talking heads on the national stage. There are reporters from the local papers, bloggers from the local blogs, and TV personalities from KTVB. Oh, and there's us, too. To see the complete list of who's involved, visit the Top 26 Poll homepage.

Each week, we'll provide a new poll and we'll also explain one person's picks. We are nothing if not transparent. OBNUG's own Kevan Lee gets things started this week.

Without further ado, here is the preseason Top 26 Poll. To view individual selections, download the Top 26 Poll pdf. Enjoy.

  1. Georgia (7)

  2. USC (4)

  3. Florida (1)

  4. LSU (3)

  5. Ohio State

  6. Oklahoma

  7. West Virginia

  8. Missouri

  9. Texas

  10. Auburn

  11. Clemson

  12. Texas Tech

  13. Wisconsin

  14. Kansas

  15. Virginia Tech

  16. Arizona State

  17. Tennessee

  18. Oregon

  19. BYU

  20. Illinois

  21. Penn State

  22. South Florida

  23. Wake Forest

  24. Alabama

  25. South Carolina

  26. Boston College

Others receiving votes: Pittsburgh, Michigan, Fresno State, Cincinnati, California, Boise State, Hawaii, Colorado, Utah, Oregon State, Rutgers, Nebraska, North Carolina

Kevan's poll:

  1. LSU

  2. Georgia

  3. USC

  4. Missouri

  5. Ohio State

  6. West Virginia

  7. Kansas

  8. Oklahoma

  9. Virginia Tech

  10. Texas

  11. Boston College

  12. Tennessee

  13. Florida

  14. Brigham Young

  15. Auburn

  16. Arizona State

  17. Cincinnati

  18. Michigan

  19. Hawaii

  20. Illinois

  21. Clemson

  22. Texas Tech

  23. Oregon

  24. Wisconsin

  25. Oregon State

Does my poll look familiar? It should, provided you memorized the final AP poll from last season.

That’s right. My poll is the AP poll, team-for-team, ranking-for-ranking.

I am not a fan of preseason polls because they give teams an unfair head start based on hypotheses and guesses. Why is Georgia No. 1 overall? Because they won some games at the end of the year and didn't graduate a whole lot of people. How is this fair? Answer to rhetorical question: it's not.

I feel that if we're going to have a preseason poll that it should be based on something tangible and should reward play on the field. My solution is to make the preseason poll the same as the season-ending poll. This way, at least teams have a chance to do something about their ranking.

As it stands now, the poll is unfair to those teams who don't look good on paper (insert Utah State joke here). And since when is football played on paper? Let's get this thing right. I'm sure the Hawaii fans will agree with me.