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As the WAC quarterbacks turn: Graunke out, McCormick done

Hawaii and Utah State's quarterback competitions are not as competitive any more.

Tyler Graunke, the favorite for the Warriors' quarterback spot, will not be with the team for the foreseeable future, and Jase McCormick, one of several irrelevant contenders for the Aggies, has quit football entirely. Utah State will do that to you.

Graunke, who backed up Colt Brennan each of the last three years, was suspended in the offseason, but he seemed to have his problems worked out and was set to capture the starting quarterback spot. His situation now is pretty up in the air, and will remain that way so long as Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin continues to make broad, generalizing statements.

"Tyler has things he has to work on," McMackin said yesterday in a release from UH. "At this point, he will not practice with the team. Because of privacy laws, I can't comment any further."

Things are much more black and white with Utah State's Jase McCormick. He's got better things to do than lose to mediocre WAC teams week in and week out.

When reached by The Tribune on Saturday, Guy said that McCormick was involved with a few business ventures that he was doing well with.

Also, he was tired of this happening:

The turmoil at Hawaii and Utah State serves to highlight the QB flux across the WAC this season. In addition to the Warriors and the Aggies, there are several other schools with unsettled quarterback situations:

  • LaTech: open competition

  • San Jose State: open competition

  • Boise State: open competition

  • Idaho: Nathan Enderle

The signal callers in the WAC with job security are Tom Brandstater, Chase Holbrook, and Colin Kaepernick. Armageddon cannot be far off.

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