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AP poll released, expectations met

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When do I get my Beggin' Strip?The preseason AP poll (motto: "A crapshoot to end all crapshoots") picked Georgia as the No. 1 team in the country, a fact that Jared Zabransky is sure to agree with retroactive to 2005.

While Georgia's place at the top of the poll is fairly predictable, there was good news for Bronco fans as Fresno State failed to make the Top 25 cut. The Bulldogs, ranked No. 24 in the USA Today coaches' poll, took the 27th spot, still nine ahead of Boise State's starting position at No. 36.

Other noteworthy choices by the AP:

Oregon took the No. 21 spot, which should look good when the Broncos upset the Ducks on September 20.

Brigham Young has the distinction of being the top-rated non-BCS team this season. At No. 16, the Cougars might as well quit while they're ahead.

Hawaii earned one point courtesy of a single person picking them as the No. 25 team in the country. Since when is Robert Smith voting in the AP poll?

AP poll (August 17) []