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Wednesday: Links with girth

Story of the day: 

A veritable Who's Who at WAC media days [Press-Tribune]

The WAC Football Preview (motto: Salt Lake City sure is nice, isn't it?) is two weeks away, and while we bloggers patiently wait for our tickets to arrive, Dave Southorn of the Idaho Press-Tribune has the scoop on which players will be in attendance.

Boise State-Ian Johnson, RB and Mike T. Williams, DE 

Fresno State-Tom Brandstater, QB and Bear Pascoe, TE

Hawai‘i-Adam Leonard, LB and Solomon Elimimian, LB

Idaho-Shiloh Keo, S, and Adam Korby, C

Louisiana Tech-Patrick Jackson, RB and Weldon Brown, DB

Nevada-Luke Lippincott, RB and Mundrae Clifton, DL

New Mexico State-Chase Holbrook, QB and Davon House, DB

San Jose State-Jarron Gilbert, DE

Utah State-Jake Hutton, LB and Derek Hoke, OT

Good choices by the Broncos. Everyone will love to see Ian Johnson doing Ian Johnson things, and Mike T. Williams should get a chance to explain to people who he is. We're curious if Bush Hamdan got an invite but had to turn it down based on the inherent evil of a "media convention."

As for the rest of the WAC, Fresno State couldn't have chosen two more typical players; way to think outside of the box, hosers. And San Jose State is only bringing one player? We thought if any school was short on interesting players it would have been Idaho. 

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