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Tuesday: Links with welcoming

Story of the day:

Behler's here; who's next? [Statesman]

Peak Broadcasting and BSU announced yesterday that Bob Behler will be the new Broncos play-by-play man. Who will be doing the color commentary? The Statesman has some info.

Peak Broadcasting will interview two potential color analysts for Boise State radio broadcasts Tuesday, Peak general manager Kevin Godwin said Monday afternoon. Godwin said the list is not limited to former Boise State players.

Oh, good, if Peak is interviewing candidates on Tuesday, then we should have an answer by Labor Day. At least we weren't given empty promises and loose deadlines.

Let the speculation begin for a color commentator to join Behler in the booth. Our money is on a return of Jeff Caves, but we wouldn't fight it if J Bates got the call instead.

Here are some more links to Behler stories:

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Other links:

Mr. Irrelevant lives it up [the Big Lead]

Watching musicals at the Playboy Mansion is David Vobora's idea of a good time.

Dave Southorn tours the Stueckle Sky Club [Dave's Blog]

And writes his name on the inside of a bathroom wall.

WAC tidbits for a long offseason [Pugs, ponies, and preps]

Not so much "tidbits" as "Google facts."

Encouraging Boise State preview [Red Zone Report]

Anything that has the Broncos on top of the WAC is okay by us.