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Tuesday: Links with procrastination

Story of the day:

Dave Southorn's WAC picks [Dave's Blog]

The Idaho Press-Tribune's Dave Southorn has posted his preseason picks for WAC media days on his blog at the IPT website, and we could not be happier to see that homerism reigns supreme.

I don't see the Broncos losing a WAC game before they play Fresno State at the end of the season. By then, the new QB will be comfortable, and the Broncos get the Bulldogs at Bronco Stadium, so that's why their (sic) my pick to win the conference.

Good for you, Dave Southorn. There's no reason to pick the Bulldogs just because everyone else is, especially when they have yet to prove they can handle pressure or win outright WAC championships.

But the good BSU football vibes don't end there. In addition to having the Broncos as WAC champs, Southorn also has a Boise State player listed as his player of the year.

Offensive player of the year: Ian Johnson, RB, Boise State

I think it will be extremely unlikely he matches 2006's numbers, especially considering the great depth behind him. However, no other player in the conference demands a defense's full attention like IJ.

Kellen Moore must have been a close second.

Other links

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Robb Akey to ride a float at Dairy Days.

That stadium sure looks good at night [Statue Left]

But does it look $30 million good? Yeah, we think so.

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Talk about a conflict of interest.

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Take that, Sun Belt QBs!

Colt Brennan signs with Redskins [YB Sports]

And the state of Hawaii has the day off today.

Matt Nelson signs with Spanish team [Press-Tribune]

Donde esta la biblioteca, Pedro?

Bold predictions for Non-BCS schools []

BSU losing at home is not bold; it is erroneous.