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Thursday: Links with consistency

Story of the day:

Statue Left not in Steelers playbook [Press-Tribune]

The Pittsburgh Steelers cut former BSU quarterback Jared Zabransky on Wednesday, just five months after picking him up as a free agent. The Steelers' drafting of former Oregon QB Dennis Dixon spelled Zabransky's doom. Dixon is a one-of-a-kind clipboard holder.

Now the question is where will "Z" land next? The way we see it, he has plenty of options.

  • Another NFL team. Zabransky could take the place of an injured third-stringer during the preseason. Or he could start for the Vikings pretty much tomorrow.

  • The CFL. Canadian football is like graduate school for Boise State players.

  • The Boise Burn. The Burn have never turned down a former Boise State quarterback (Nick Lomax, take heart).

  • Ryan Clady's entourage. Perhaps Clady needs an NCAA Football 2008 playing partner.

  • An area Pioneer Title. Brock Forsey should know some people.

The story is a little bittersweet for us, not because we are Zabranksy fans (it's complicated), but rather because Zabranksy getting signed by the Steelers was one of our first posts on this site. OBNUG has officially lasted longer than Zabransky's Steeler career. We never thought we would say those words until at least after the first preseason game.

Other links:

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Replacing a Heisman candidate is hard. Will Tyler Graunke be dying the Hawaiin islands into his hair?

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There is no age limit on success...obviously.

Who says BSU has too much money? [Warrior Quotes]

Hawaii's athletic budget trumps Broncos by several hundred C-notes

A Marty Tadman video? [YouTube courtesy of Bronco fan Heath]

We know how we're spending our three-day weekend

Boise State is a six-touchdown favorite over Idaho State [Scott Slant]

Yet somehow, we still like those odds.