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Salt Lake City braces for WAC media

The WAC media convention is nearly upon us. Starting tomorrow, media members from WAC cities across the country will meet in Salt Lake City for three days of interviews, buffets, and Sugar Bowl jokes. Sounds like fun, right Will Hoenike?

We think it sounds like fun. However, being excited about a media convention is not enough to get invited to a media convention, and as such, we will be following along from the comfort of our office chair and gigantic, old Dell monitor. Too bad because we had always wanted to tour the Mormon Temple with Chase Holbrook and Luke Lippincott.

The media will be releasing their picks for players of the year and conference champion, and there will gads of interviews that will lead to gads of Honolulu Advertiser feature stories. As for the Statesman, we'll be curious to see if they marry the idea of all-day football news and blogging. There's a first time for everything.

Other things that we're excited about:

  • Kellen Moore coming up in conversation entirely too often.

  • Colin Kaepernick crashing the party.

  • Hawaii coach Greg McMackin drinking his weight in Coke.

  • The Marriott running out of continental breakfast and every column mentioning it in his WAC media days article.

  • Whether or not San Jose State bothers to show up.

  • Hearing Robb Akey use the word "family."

  • Living vicariously through Dave Southorn's blog.

  • Mormon Keno.

Who do you think will be the players of the year? What will the conference standings look like? Who is your pick to win the WAC? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an email. We'll reveal our answers to those questions over the next couple days, and we'll keep you updated on all the other WAC media convention news.