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Reggie Larry riding the pine in NBA summer league

Reggie Larry's NBA career has gotten off to a rather tepid start.

The former Boise State standout is playing in Las Vegas with the Golden State Warriors' summer league team. Well, "playing" might be too strong of a word. The Warriors have played two games already, and Larry has seen exactly six minutes of court time in that span. His stats are understandably meager.

Reggie Larry: 1-2, 2 points, 0 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 blocked shot

All of those numbers came in Golden State's first game Friday nightsecond game Sunday against the Mavericks. Larry did not play SundayFriday against the Sixers.

There is still plenty of time for Larry to make an impact on the team, and with the Bobcats (tonight, 7:30pm), King, and Raptors still on the schedule, the competition certainly lends itself toward that end. However, getting an opportunity seems to be Larry's biggest obstacle.

Come on, Golden State. He's shooting 50% from the floor, and he's capable of doing this: