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Play ball: the case for a Boise State baseball team

I figured if this post was going to be written, it'd have to be by me. The last time I saw Kevan even watch a baseball game was when his dad forced him to keep the book for the Babe Ruth team his brother and I were on. In fact, I can't really blame him after that.Kevan did a great job last week of summing up Boise State fans' reaction to Fresno's College World Series championship. It was a great story and good to see a team from the WAC break through and win a national championship, but it won't resonate nearly as much as the 2007 Fiesta Bowl and most likely be forgotten with the first snap in the fall.
But, I was left wondering -- if Fresno can accomplish this, what could a Boise State baseball team do? Better yet, why does Boise State not have a baseball team?
A little web sleuthing brought me to this page for the Boise State Baseball Club. The page definitely is not affiliated with the athletic department and has this disclaimer at the bottom "Being just a club sport we have no ability to become affiliated with any NCAA division, however, we can belong to the National Club Baseball Association along with over 75 other club team across the nation." Well, that's disappointing. Most additional searches just return Boise State hats.
So, could a lack of a Boise State baseball team be due to Title IX? Currently, Boise State has 7 men's sports (Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Wrestling) and 10 women's sports (Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball).I'm not too familiar with Title IX, but it seems as though there is room to add another men's sport. I think it's time for Gene Bleymaier to take time away from scheduling Portland State and Idaho State and get this accomplished.