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OBNUG Hall of Fame: Ian Johnson inducted


Congratulations to Ian Johnson and his Oregon State TD extravaganza for gaining induction into the OBNUG Hall of Fame. His performance earned 91 percent of the vote, which was well over the 70 percent needed to get in. Thanks again to Drew from Fight Fight BSU for stating his case so eloquently.

Johnson's induction signals the end of the first year of the OBNUG Hall of Fame. Thank you to all who contributed nominees, wrote stories, and voted in the polls. We're looking forward to doing this again next year, so keep in mind any candidates you feel deserve to be in the HOF and feel free to let us know.

Here is the inaugural class of the OBNUG Hall of Fame:

  • Marty Tadman's Fiesta Bowl

  • Ryan Dinwiddie's three quarters versus Fresno State

  • The 1980 Division I-AA championship game

  • The day Boise State moved up to Division 1-A

  • The three plays to win the Fiesta Bowl: hook-and-ladder, Perretta TD toss, and Statue of Liberty

  • Ian Johnson's Oregon State romp

The shrine in our master bedroom's armoire does not do these moments justice.