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BSU recruiting: where are all the linemen?

The Boise State recruiting tally looks like this: a quarterback, a running back, two tight ends, two linebackers, two cornerbacks, one wide receiver...and zero offensive or defensive linemen. Strange, don't you think?

The Broncos have been the most proactive team in the WAC this summer, but they have yet to reel in a linemen on either side of the ball. Is this the curse of Ryan Clady leaving early? Is the WAC transitioning into a seven-on-seven conference? Whatever the case may be, the whole situation is making us very curious.

But perhaps we should clarify. Despite the lack of linemen, we could not be happier to have nine verbal commitments in mid-July. This kind of activity is something you normally expect from a BCS-conference school, so it is great to know that the Broncos have such an outstanding reputation in recruiting pockets around the country. Plus, Boise State is really separating itself from the rest of the WAC as a premier destination for football, and with early recruits becoming more and more the norm, the Broncos are at the forefront of the future of recruiting. Taste the revolution, Fresno State!

That said, we would still like to see some linemen.

In our opinion, the line is the most important position on the football field, so we would figure that it would be a focal point of Bronco recruiting classes. We imagine that when all is said and done, there will be plenty of hefty high school kids in the '09 class. But in the meantime, we are left to wonder why no big kids have come out and declared their BSU allegiance yet. Are they riding go carts at Camp Hope or what?

Here are some theories we have on the situation.

  1. Linemen are harder to recruit.

    This could be true for a number of reasons: No one knows how big 17-year-old kids will get. The potential of linemen is harder to judge at an early age. There is not as much game tape available on linemen as there is for other positions. There hit-or-miss probability with a lineman is extremely high.

  2. Boise State coaches are looking for JC transfers. Certainly, having two years in college under their belt would give any lineman an advantage. Plus, the coaches would be more aware of what to expect when the kids arrive on campus.

  3. Linemen aren't born; they're created. Perhaps BSU is not in a hurry because they know they can grow their own linemen whenever necessary. Bronco coaches are notorious for molding players into outstanding linemen.

  4. The line is young enough as it is. If this year's young class of linemen pan out, the Broncos will be set for at least a couple more years. Maybe the next recruiting class will be the windfall of big uglies we've been expecting.

  5. The line isn't as important in the WAC. To be successful in the WAC, you have to score points and create turnovers. Linemen are not prominently involved in either.

  6. The more you weigh, the less decisive you are. We have no evidence of this theory other than Jared Lorenzen's NFL career.

On an encouraging note, has a list of linemen who are at least interested in the Broncos. Here some of the top guys:

  • OT Charles Siddoway: 6'7", 310 pounds (offered)

  • DE Jackson Powell: 6'5", 220 pounds

  • OT Gavin Pascerella: 6'5", 260 pounds

The list also includes some junior college players and other big high schoolers, so at least the Broncos are trying. And the fact that we are concerned over a lack of linemen in a recruiting class that still has seven months to fill out and which has absolutely no bearing on anything that will happen on the football field this year, well, it's probably a bit presumptive of us. As always, the Bronco coaches know what they're doing, so we really needn't worry.

Our anxiety would be better spent on the "Q."