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BSU numerical roster revealed

The new BSU numerical roster is available on the BroncoSports website, finally giving us a chance to pre-order our Raphiel Lambert replica jersey. Get BroncoShop on the phone, Jeeves!

The biggest change on the updated roster is RB D.J. Harper's switch from #34 to #6--an obvious ode to Denver QB Jay Cutler. Seriously though, Harper will look pretty awesome running over defenders with a single digit on his back.

Doug Martin will indeed be wearing #22, and the rest of the skill position players stayed put with their same numbers. The only other big changes were CB Brandyn Thompson switching to #13 and DT Billy Winn going to #90.

Lambert and the other incoming freshmen were listed, which really makes them feel like part of the team for the first time. Now we actually have an excuse to get way too amped up about them.

  • Bronson Durrant, OG, #79

  • Greg Grimes, DL, #68

  • Byron Hout, LB, #69

  • George Iloka, S, #8

  • Tyler Jackson, S, #29

  • Joe Kellogg, OG, #61

  • Chandler Koch, TE, #86

  • Darren Koontz, DT, #95

  • Raphiel Lambert, CB, #38

  • Brenel Myers, OG, #64

  • Chris Potter, WR, #81

  • Tommy Smith, LB, #33

  • Tom Swanson, OT, #74

  • Jamar Taylor, CB, no number

  • Faraji Wright, OT, #75

Junior college transfer LB Daron Mackey will be wearing #45.

Roster - Boise State []