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"You have the lightest blue eyes": a Dinwiddie interview turns awkward

my, those ARE lovely blue eyes

The Winnipeg Sun might very well be known for a lot of good things, but we doubt that interviews are one of them. A staff reporter sat down with former BSU standout and current Winnipeg Blue Bomber QB Ryan Dinwiddie to discuss, well, whatever popped into her head apparently. The interview included the following questions:

Q: Do you have any pets?
Q: What hobbies do you have?
Q: If people were to find you doing anything on an off day in Winnipeg, what would it be?
Ryan Dinwiddie, you are now off the Pabst Blue Ribbon Hot Seat.

Still, softball questions were far from the strangest part of the interview. That distinction falls to the awkward, uncomfortable topic of Dinwiddie's beautiful eyes.
Q: Have your eyes always been the focus of attention? Because you have the lightest blue eyes most people have ever seen. They're like Husky eyes. question please?

Our conclusion is that the Winnipeg Sun was not actually interviewing Dinwiddie, but rather helping him fill out his profile. Hard-hitting Canadian journalism at its finest, eh?

Ryan Dinwiddie Q & A [Winnipeg Sun]