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Tuesday: Links with gaudiness

Story of the day:

Down goes OBNUG [Fight Fight BSU]

Yesterday afternoon, through no fault or knowledge of our own, our site was apparently inoperable--lost to the hinder reaches of the webosphere. What happened? Beats us. In fact, we're not even sure it's working now.

We could not replicate the stark emptiness of in our web browsers, but Drew at Fight Fight BSU has visual evidence of the outage in all its awful carnage. Our site looked like a colorful link dump with rhyming words and related searches. It was quite a departure from the standard Google template we have come to know and love.

We assume the problem is fixed. When we tried it yesterday, everything seemed to work fine (through no technical knowledge of our own, might we add). Let us know if you have problems today by sending an email. In the meantime, here is what you may or may not have missed yesterday afternoon:
  • Dan Hawkins' youngest son wisely chooses Boise State, poorly chooses to play QB
  • The importance of Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen's retirement (aka: BSU Pac-10 party!)
Other links:

Sensible Nevada preview [Double T Nation]
Kaepernick has skinny legs, the Pack doesn't play defense, yadda yadda.

Benson to the Pac-10 indeed [USU Aggies]
If Boise State follows, the WAC might end

UNLV is not in the WAC [Money Over Everything]
But the story was right about them being weak.

Hawaii versus SMU in 2009? [Honolulu Advertiser]
And yet we still can't get Boise State vs. Colorado.

Boise State basketball breakdown [Parsing the WAC]
Statesman finally sniffs out Oregon ticket story [Statesman]