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Thursday: Links with feminism

Story of the day:

Markle commits to Washington State [Idaho Sports Zone]

Local prep standout Darren Markle from Mountain View High School has given his verbal commitment to the Washington State Cougars.
An opportunity to play in the Pac Ten and an opportunity to play early were cited as contributing factors in Markle's decision, as well as a high level of comfort with the new coaching staff in Pullman, headed by former Cougar offensive lineman Paul Wulff.
No word yet on whether or not he's actually visited Pullman.

Many BSU fans had hoped Markle would join the Broncos next fall, considering his local ties and apparent beastliness. Oh well; you can't get all the local recruits (right, Idaho?).

Other links:

More news on BSU radio search [Statesman]
An announcer with NFL experience? Bring on Jesse Palmer and Ron Pitts!

Comprehensive list of preseason polls []
Boise State is at least in the discussion.

Non-BCS odds at a national championship [Fanblogs]
Odds? Not very good.

Statesman and Press-Tribune to merge printing [Statesman]
Can a single Sunday paper be far off?