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The face of the program has no face

ESPNU's Face of the Program contest came to an end today as the last of the D1-A teams were alphabetically revealed. Hope it was worth the wait, Wyoming.

As evidenced by the photo above, Boise State's selection for "Face of the Program" was the blue turf. We'll let Ted Miller explain why.

It takes just a fraction of a second to know whether a Boise State home game is on television. That's because Bronco Stadium is distinguished by the only non-green playing surface in the nation. Of course, the unusual field color would just be a curiosity and more than likely would invite mostly ridicule if not for this: Though the stadium seats only 30,000 fans, that field is one of the toughest places to play in the country.
Perhaps the Face of the Program should have been the belligerently loud "Whose House?" guy in the North End Zone.

Among WAC members, Boise State fared pretty well considering that its selection was both nationally relevant and unique. Here is the list of the other WAC choices.
  • Fresno State: Pat Hill. The Fu Manchu on the face of the program.
  • Hawaii: June Jones. No Timmy Change? No Colt Brennan? Is island hero worship that fleeting?
  • Idaho: Jerry Kramer. Offensive lineman, kicker, natural gas spokesman.
  • Louisiana Tech: Terry Bradshaw. Life is so unfair to Tim Rattay.
  • Nevada: Chris Ault. By default and longevity.
  • NMSU: Charley Johnson. Who?
  • San Jose State: Bill Walsh. Good choice. We will not make any jokes about this one.
  • Utah State: Merlin and Phil Olsen. Do they each get half of the face? How will this work?
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