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The face of Boise State's football program

ESPN began a poll in April to decide the face of every college football program in the country. We thought it might be fun to check in to see how things are going.

Boise State has received 66 suggestions so far, and the blue turf and the Fiesta Bowl seem to be the favorites. Of course, there are plenty of other choices, too.

dan hawkins
This one must have been posted in 2004.
The face of the program is clearly Zabransky. He typifies what the Broncos are all about...A team that gets disrespected but constantly finds a way to get the job done in convincing fashion. He's just a winner.
Zabransky is a winner, except in most big games, in the state of Georgia, and in the Humanitarian Bowl.
Gimmick plays and a schedule filled with cupcakes every year.
Might the last part of this be a nomination for Gene Bleymaier?

The Vandals are having a much more difficult time coming up with a face of the program, as referenced by the tens of people weighing in at So far the choices appear to be Dennis Erickson, Mark Schlereth, and the great John Friesz. We just found reason #437 not to be a Vandal fan.

Face of the Program: Boise State []