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LaTech logo change changes nothing

The new LaTech logo is here and it is...exactly the same as the old one. See for yourself:


In a sense, we are kind of relieved. The traditional LaTech logo is a classic, and we were a little worried that the modern, edgy version was going to be some sort of interpretation of a Bulldog cooking Creole cuisine or Derek Dooley wrestling with the state of Louisiana. Thankfully, taste won out.

Yet while the "T" logo may have remained the same, not all Tech paraphernalia avoided the Queer Eye treatment. Here's the new Bulldog logo, which at least looks better than this and this.

According to a Yahoo! story, the dog design is supposed to represent "the class, discipline and competitive strength that embodies all of (LaTech's) teams and student-athletes." Don't know about that, but we do think the logo looks an awful lot like Otto, the dog from the Beetle Bailey cartoon.

Last but not least, the Bulldogs created an entire "LaTech font" based on the "T" in their traditional logo. We're still trying to decide if this is nerdy, exciting, or a waste of resources. We're leaning toward the latter.

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