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EA Sports knows its football

While so-called experts are making preseason picks about WAC champions and dark-horse BCS candidates, EA Sports is speaking the plain truth. And nothing says credibility like a video game.

Fight Fight BSU brought us news of Bronco Stadium being one of the toughest places to play in NCAA Football 09, and today we find that the team rankings in the game are optimistic, too. EA Sports lists Boise State and Hawaii as the best teams in the WAC with Fresno State a distant third. Here is the predicted order of finish judging from the total team rankings (in parentheses)

  1. Boise State (77)
  2. Hawaii (77)
  3. Fresno State (74)
  4. New Mexico State (74)
  5. Nevada (69)
  6. LaTech (69)
  7. San Jose State (62)
  8. Utah State (60)
  9. Idaho (60)
We were also pleased to find out that EA thinks Utah State has the worst offense in college football and Idaho has the worst defense in college football. We haven't felt this good about a video game since we went undefeated in Madden 05 on the Gamecube.

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