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Coach Pete not abandoning traditional snaps

Boise State coach Chris Petersen sat down to talk with the Statesman's Chadd Cripe, and in between long paragraphs of cryptic coachspeak, he dropped this nugget of relief:

Q: You also experimented with more shotgun snaps. Will that continue?

A: "We will do maybe more of it, but we will not be exclusive. That's not us. We don't like to be exclusive any one thing. We still feel it's important for this program to be under center."

Finally, our nightmares of shotgun snaps going over quarterbacks' heads will cease!

Coach Pete spent the rest of the interview discussing how he hoped that everyone would be in great shape this fall and come in ready to work (we think he was looking at J.P. Nisby when he said this). There was no mention of who he thought the starting quarterback would be, which comes as a surprise to no one except the Idaho Press-Tribune's Phil Dailey.

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