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Boise State's early verbals: When to expect them on the field

The Broncos have seen a rash of early commitments this summer, which is great for the program and fun for fans. A total of six recruits so far have committed, which is roughly 1/3 of the entire 2009 recruiting class. Let's hear it for proactivity!

While we're at it, let's hear it for perspective, too. These half-dozen 17-year-olds are at least a year away from having any on-field impact whatsoever, and it is hard to picture them on the blue when they are still in high school for 10 more months.

Well, when should Bronco Nation expect these players on the field? Glad you asked.

Joe Southwick QB
We're starting to lose track of which quarterbacks we should be excited about. With Kellen Moore performing football miracles for the next few years, Southwick better Nazarene himself some patience. Worst case scenario: Moore plays every game for the next few years, Southwick gets anxious and switches to tight end. Best case scenario: Moore leads the Broncos to the national championship in '08 and '09, turns pro, and Southwick takes over. The actual scenario is probably somewhere in between. Southwick will most likely redshirt in 2009, back-up Moore the next two years, and grab the reigns his junior year.
Look for Southwick in 2012.

John Michael Davis LB
Don't know about the rest of you, but we always keep an extra box of Pop Tarts in the pantry just in case something happens to the first box. We feel that BSU is doing the same with linebackers. An obvious focus of last year's recruiting class was to build up the position to avoid the type of letdown from the 2007 unit. Where does Davis fit into the mix? We're pretty sure that Davis will redshirt, but he seems like the type of player who won't be on the sideline long.
Expect Davis in 2010.

Malcolm Johnson RB
Depth is the strength of the Bronco running backs, which is good news for touchdowns but bad news for Johnson. Still, BSU coaches will not keep a good player off the field (unless he plagiarizes during bowl week), so Johnson will have every chance to contribute immediately. We believe that Doug Martin is the future; Coach Pete told us so in a dream. Still, we think Johnson could get his share of carries as early as his freshman year. Give him a redshirt season on the scout team, and he'll be ready.
Watch for Johnson in 2010.

Ebo Makinde CB
Though he isn't rated as high as some of his fellow '09 recruiting class members, Makinde has had some outside interest from Pac-10 schools since his verbal. Can you say potential? Like fellow recruit Quaylon Ewing, Makinde will have lots of opportunity to play right away, but we feel that he may be more of a late bloomer type. Give him a grayshirt for the time being, and he'll deserve a nice, long look in a couple years.
We foresee 2010.

Quaylon Ewing CB

Cornerbacks are a precious BSU commodity, which may be why the Broncos have had a long history of starting young DBs. Ewing should be next. If he has a good senior H.S. season, he could pull a George Iloka, get in camp early, and be in the mix to contribute immediately.
Could be a factor in 2009.

Arron Burks WR

The most recent BSU recruit is still quite an enigma to Bronco fans. Sure, he's got size, but does he even exist? We'll leave that one to the Statesman to figure out. In the meantime, Burks will most likely have a long wait until he sees the field. With the youth at the wide receiver position (Young, Pettis, Potter), a grayshirt then redshirt seems like a possibility. Don't go buying your Burks personalized jersey just yet.
Wait until 2014.