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Welcome to the OBNUG Hall of Fame

There are many ways to memorialize our favorite Boise State Bronco football players. Bedroom shrines, lower back tattoos, and naming children come immediately to mind. Yet we at OBNUG feel that the special performances in Boise State history deserve a special place, and until the city of Boise turns the capitol building into Bronco Mecca, that place is going to be here on the Internets of OBNUG.

We are proud to announce the official beginning of the OBNUG Hall of Fame. Each summer we will look forward to enshrining deserving candidates who have had a hand in the success of Boise State football. In true OBNUG fashion, we will do so with humor, perspective, and horrible bias, and our Hall of Fame will be unlike any other you have seen.

Most hall of fames reward careers and longevity. Not us. We want to enshrine nominees under the following criteria:

  1. A singular moment, performance, or action
  2. A significant impact on the history of Boise State football
Those two rules are the main laws of OBNUG's Hall of Fame. So for instance, instead of nominating Brock Forsey for his stellar career, we would instead nominate a particular performance against Fresno State. We are seeking fantastic individual performances or plays that made an impact on the team we love. Also, we are always up for nominees that rhyme with "Binfiddie."

Best of all, we want you, our loyal reader, to take part. For each nominee, we will allow a voting process to determine whether or not the candidate gets inducted. Seventy-percent or higher and they're in. Also, we value feedback and opinions on each of the candidates and on nominees you would like to see entered.

Hopefully, this will help make the summer go faster. And hopefully, Marty Tadman gets inducted multiple times.